Seed Potato Grower of 2022


Congratulations to Rudi Heinlein of B 054 | Circle-N-Estate for winning the prestigious Bayer Seed Grower of the year award, awarded at the Seed Potato Growers’ Forum 21 September 2022.

From left to right: Gerhard Posthumus and Rudi Heinlein

Top 3 Finalists

B 054 | Circle-N-Estate

Rudi Heinlein

L 002 | Firna (Edms) Bpk.

From left to right: Francois, Frans and Michiel Engelbrecht.

L 026 | Carbrecht (Pty) Ltd.

From left to right: Rob Carrol, Frans Engelbrecht and Carel Carrol with Pieter Leibbrandt, Potato Certification Official.

 Bayer Moerkweker van die Jaar finaliste: Ware landbou-ambassadeurs!

Dit is ’n groot plesier om 2022 se Bayer Moerkweker van die Jaar-finaliste aan te kondig.  Al drie finaliste is reeds waardige wenners.  Ek is weereens geraak deur die passie, nederigheid, ywer, trots, positiwiteit en dissipline van elk van die moerkwekers wat finaliste van dié gesogte toekenning is.  Die besoeke aan die finaliste het weer bevestig dat slegs in die woordeboek, sukses vóór werk staan.

Groot dank en waardering gaan aan Bayer vir hul vennootskap met ons om deur hierdie toekenning erkenning aan uitmuntendheid te gee.

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Cultivating quality: Top ten seed potato growers awarded for excellence

  The mission of Potato Certification Service (PCS) is to render an industry-related service which supports the South African potato  industry to perform optimally by ensuring the availability of high-quality planting material.

  However, the main role players in ensuring the availability of high-quality planting material are the seed potato growers themselves.  PCS inspects, samples and certifies the seed potato plantings and seed lots presented, to verify and certify that the seed potatoes indeed qualify as good quality planting material.

  However, the main role-players who make such planting material available are the seed potato growers themselves.  PCS inspects, samples and certifies the seed potato plantings and seed lots presented, to verify and certify that the seed potatoes indeed qualify as good quality planting material.  It is therefore a pleasure to award excellence by announcing the top ten seed potato growers of 2022.  In the three-year term, which was used for listing the growers according to certification inspections and results, 48 growers planted a minimum of 30 ha per year for three consecutive years, thereby qualifying for the Bayer Potato Seed Grower of the Year Award.

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Top Seed Grower, leading the industry to new heights

  The Bayer Top Seed Potato Grower of the Year has everyone waiting in anticipation as we approach the build-up to the final announcement at the South African Seed Potato Growers’ Forum on 21 September 2022.  This highly sought-after award will be presented at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town during an elegant gala dinner hosted by Bayer.

  Winners of the past 14 years of outstanding merit have received this prestigious award by means of a nomination process in the early 90s.  The criteria for the award have progressed to a sterner approach from 2010 where all records were used to calculate the deserving Seed Potato Grower of the Year.

  This year the criteria to determine the Seed Potato Grower of the Year were scrutinized and refined to a greater extent ensuring that the most-deserving Seed Potato Grower is a worthy ambassador and role model.

  Potato Certification Service (PCS) collaborated with IT developers specializing in custom software, to develop a program ensuring that results could easily be verified and that the process to determine the Seed Potato Grower of the Year is objective and can be audited.

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