How do I know that seed potatoes are certified?

Each container of seed potatoes shall be sealed with an official self-sealing label that shows the generation and class of the seed potatoes awarded.  The intact label shall be proof of the certification status of the seed potatoes in that specific container and shall be of a type that cannot be removed or re-used without being damaged.

How do I know that the tuber inspection report sent with my load of seed potatoes is linked to that specific batch?

There is a unique number on each certification label attached to the certified seed potatoes.  The numbers appearing on the seed batch must fall within the range indicated on the tuber inspection report.  The information on the certification label must also correlate with the generation and class awarded to that specific batch of seed potatoes.

May Potato Certification Service supply a buyer of seed potatoes with certification reports?

Potato Certification Service may only supply information about seed potatoes with the written consent of the registered seed potato grower.