Potato Certification Service

Pepper Ringspot Virus (PepRSV): The latest threat to the potato industry

The National Plant Protection Organization of South Africa (NPPOZA) notified the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) on 21 December 2023 of the detection of Pepper Ringspot Virus (PepRSV) in South Africa.

Production Statistics

The latest statistics of records captured on the Potato Certification Service Information System.

Seed Potato Grower of 2022

Rudi Heinlein of B 054 | Circle-N-Estate was announced as the Bayer Seed Potato Grower of 2022 at the gala dinner of the Seed Potato Growers’ Forum held on 21 September 2022.


PCS Annual Report 2022/2023

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Certified Seed Potatoes

Follow the link below to view the South African variety list and the list of distributors of certified seed potatoes.