Potato Certification Service Protocol

Potato Certification Service developed a protocol which describes how the Scheme should be implemented.
The purpose of this document is to provide clear guidelines with regard to the various actions and processes emanating from the application of the South African Seed Potato Certification Scheme, and specifically those actions and procedures which are not adequately dealt with or described in detail in the Scheme.

Special reference is made to the level of knowledge, expertise and other skills which a certification official should possess to be able to implement the Scheme successfully.

The actions, procedures and processes which follow upon one another up to the eventual certification of seed potatoes are also discussed.

It is furthermore a working document which allows for reasonably quick amendment of certain procedures after consultation with all those involved (in contrast with the provisions of the Scheme where amendments can only be effected after intensive investigation and broad consultation as well as publication in the Government Gazette).  Suggestions and recommendations in this regard will therefore always be appreciated.

The Protocol is only available to registered seed potato growers and should be read in conjunction with the official rules and regulations of the Scheme.

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