Importation of Planting Material

Only tissue culture potato material and mini tubers may be imported as potato planting material.  Tissue culture is the preferred method for the importation of propagation material.  Importers of potato material must take note of the requirements set out below.

All imported potato planting material to enter the South African Seed Potato Certification Scheme (Scheme), has to conform to the following requirements before it will be registered in terms of section 12 of the Scheme:

  1. Potato Certification Service (PCS) has to be informed of the details of the consignment, varieties, volume or number of tubers, arrival date and port of entry at least 14 days prior to arrival;
  2. All material shall be true to variety;
  3. PCS will draw a 1 percent sample for testing for bacterial diseases and a 0.5 percent sample for testing for virus diseases from the whole consignment;
  4. All samples will be tested by a laboratory approved by the ICCSP and registered with the Registrar of the Plant Improvement Act, Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF);
  5. Material may not be multiplied or planted before Scheme test results are available and evaluated by PCS;
  6. The release document issued by the DAFF has to be supplied to PCS before the tubers are planted;
  7. Samples drawn in the country of export will not be considered for testing;
  8. All costs of sampling and testing are for the account of the importer.

A limit of 10 000 mini tubers is placed on the amount of mini tubers that can be imported per variety.

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