Potato Certification Service Board of Directors

The Company is managed under the guidance of a Board of Directors.  The Directors consist of the chairmen of the respective seed production regions as well as the Managing Director of the Company appointed as a full time employee of the Company.

Board of Directors

Directors Position Representative of –
Gerhard Posthumus Chairman Western Free State
Jakkie Mellet Vice-Chairman Mpumalanga
JJ van de Velde Director KwaZulu-Natal
Niekie Visser Director Sandveld
André Coetzee Director Northern Cape
Llewellyn (Tiekie) de Kock Director Ceres
Frans Engelbrecht Director North West
Guybon Osler Director Eastern Free State
Garrick Christiane Director North Eastern Cape
Sanette Thiart Managing Director Potato Certification Service

The Board of Directors meet twice a year to discuss company matters.  The Annual General meeting of Potato Certification Service to which all members are invited, is held in November.  The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman as well as the Managing Director.
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